The Weekly CE Newsletter Online with the Times

the first consumer electronics newsletter delivered as E-mail, was launched in 1996 by leading industry journalist and analyst Marjorie Costello. Each week, the latest news and analysis -- covering audio, video, PCs, communications, satellite, video games, the Internet and more -- is delivered electronically to subscribers across the globe. CEON has earned a reputation for accuracy along with its clear, concise and organized approach for conveying information.

As a result, CEON has become a must-read in the CE industry, reflected in its growing list of subscribers. They include leading companies such as Sony, Philips, Thomson, Panasonic, Hitachi, Harman, JVC, Apple, Sharp and Toshiba. Subscribers are also retailers, component makers, content companies, software developers, financial institutions, trade associations, public relations agencies and publications.

CEON's companion publication is the CE Calendar, the CE industry date book. Both CEON and the CE Calendar are available through a licensing agreement from Costello Communications, Inc. of New York.

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