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The Consumer Electronics Industry's leading trade show is CES.
Consumer Electronics Show

The CE Calendar, CEON's companion publication, is the CE industry date book.

Marjorie Costello carefully and relentlessly compiles a schedule of important CE events, based upon her unique relationships with companies. Typically delivered twice a month, also as E-mail, the CE Calendar lists upcoming press conferences and line shows plus a complete trade show and conference schedule for the next year.

CLICK HERE to see a sample from May, 2000.
(Remember, it is out of date.)

As part of their subscriptions, CE Calendar subscribers can also contact us in advance to clear dates to avoid conflicts. That way, as many company events as possible can attract the press attendance they deserve, including events at January's CES. In fact, work on the CE Calendar's comprehensive CES schedule begins the previous spring.

While many industry decision-makers have come to depend upon the CE Calendar for their press event planning, the publication is invaluable to companies entering or expanding their presence in the CE industry. Only CEON subscribers are eligible to purchase the CE Calendar, and nearly all CEON subscribers take advantage of the opportunity.

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