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Designed to help companies make sense out of the deluge of information, CEON is much more than a weekly news rehash. CEON provides authoritative reporting by experts who share their insights and analysis about current CE industry trends. Delivered via E-mail, CEON's valuable content can be shared instantly with all employees covered by a license.

Some of the many areas covered include the latest developments and products in HDTV and DTV, DVD players and recorders, home and portable audio, digital audio formats, home satellite, digital imaging, display technology, home networking, streaming media, PVRs and hard drive AV recording, memory cards, video game systems, handheld PCs and Internet appliances.

CEON also reports on retailing and E-commerce, companies' marketing strategies and financial performance, regulatory and legislative issues, acquisitions and strategic alliances, industry standards and statistics, as well as pertinent broadcasting, cable and motion picture industry news. In addition, CEON focuses on important issues and trends such as copyright protection, the convergence of AV and PC devices, and hardware as the gateway for generating service and content revenues.

Why CEON is unique and relevant:

  • Covers all the important areas at the convergence because everything is relevant in today's digital era.
  • Written and edited by experts with the background, contacts and insights to accurately report the news --- and explain what it means.
  • E-mail distribution reaches readers in the US and internationally virtually instantly, whether in the office or on the road.
  • Offers subscription licenses geared towards company needs, so valuable information can be shared economically and easily with all employees who need it.
  • Conveys information clearly and concisely, saving readers valuable time.
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